Tuesday, January 27, 2009


those three dots represent how I'm feeling right now.


telling me that tomorrow is another unknown day,
that the future may be bleak or bright depending on how you look at it,
that some things are never for long,
the things you want, ending too soon and the things you dread, never seem to end,
that things continue on even without you,
that it is a nice feeling anticpating something,
but also quite frustrating when the waiting is too long,
that there is hope,
that even though tomorrow seems too scary,
the better and only choice is always to move on.

*more days are coming to an end. still more days are coming...

Friday, January 02, 2009

Extreme ends

Crying from the pain of aspiring something,
and crying from having nothing to aspire;
i wonder which is more difficult.

-Takemoto-kun, Honey and Clover Jdrama

*I'm at a crossroads and this line reminded me of my fears and inhibitions...Hay...