Sunday, March 11, 2012


Last Christmas, Siobe gave us stones as gifts. This is not just any stone, it has an engraved word in it, a mantra so to speak to help and guide us. She told us, that the word is her whispered wish for us: something she would want for us to have, something she deems we may need.

"Courage" was what she gave me. And I feel that "Courage" is what I am starting to have.

2012 has just began for me. I've taken the first leap, though I really don't know where the leap would take me. I'm scared, afraid, but excited for the possibilities. :)

Sometimes, you just got to take the leap. Forget the what ifs and just seize the moment. You'll usually find yourself exhilarated and most importantly free. :)

Thank you Siobe for that spark of Courage I've always needed. :D