Friday, February 13, 2009

V-day tomorrow!

Haha. Before my uninteresting comment on V-day, just realized my 100th post was posted on a Friday...not just any other Friday for that matter...but Friday the 13th!!!... creepy...O.o

Well, on to my commentary..haha... Another unspecial V-day coming up. haha. My friends often tease me about being too uninterested with the opposite sex. Hmmm, I wouldn't totally say that I'm 100% uninterested, rather the famous line comes in.."I just don't see it as a priority... yet?" haha. "And anyway, nobody seems to be interested at the moment."

I don't believe in seeking for love... it will come, if it's God's will, it will come. I see myself both ways, and in whatever path I will be chosen to take, I'll be happy as long as I have someone/somebody to care for...=) Since, I'm also a graduating student, my stream of thought lead me into wanting a job wherein I can both do apostolate and be of service.

I'm getting more and more personal nowadays. Don't mind me. Random thoughts are spilling itself everywhere. I'm in danger of being fully revealed. Hahaha.

I want to pour my love unto You!

100th post!!!

Imagine! Reached my 100th post! Haha. Happy 100th post to my blog?!!! Hihi.

Thesis Defense on Tuesday Afternoon. Tuesday is D-day!!! Wah! Please pray for us! Thanks!..^.^

Still tons and piles of work to do... Neverending nga daw, but somehow I feel that when all these end...I'll miss it! Because the end of these things signifies the end of another chapter.

Letting go even if one isn't ready yet is a fact of life.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

no longer redeemable.

"Joker is an angel in distress. It was a fatal misunderstanding that led him to assume a body of flesh and blood. He only wanted to share the primate's lot for a few cosmic seconds, but he pulled down the celestial ladder behind him. If no one fetches him now, the biological clock will tick faster and faster, and it will be too late to return to heaven." - Maya, Jostein Gaardner

*make no room for deadly mistakes. it will cost you.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


time. precious. irretrievable.

something i realized just a few days ago.

it may seem an elementary philosophy that everyone knows, but truly we take it for granted a bit too much.

i just realized that there are many important things that i should do justice by treating them as such. most of the time, i get out of hand and am out of my senses.

most of the time, i hurt people and pass out opportunities. most of the time, things don't work out well and instead of stopping it at that and standing back up again, i prolong the agony and make things worse. but i resolve to do better and struggle a bit more. kambatte! >.<

*just. now.

just another day.
just another time.
just another second.

just, now.

if things be, i'll hold your hand a little longer.
hug you a little tighter.
laugh a little louder.

just, now.

let me say it's okay.
let me say your right.
let me say i'm sorry straight from my heart.

just, now.

i want to let things be.
forget all the evil.
and smile the tears away.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS. Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type it! Repost it for all of your (bored) friends.

1. Beer: not for me..~.~
2. Food: yummy! - i can hear my stomach growl right now. >.<
3. Relationships: waiting. haha.
4. Your CRUSH: none at the moment. i think. O.o
5. Power Rangers: childhood. ako si yellow o si pink?
6. Life: whirlwind.
7. The President: petite
8. Yummy: cantonese!!! haha. and ice cream and... ang dami nila!
9. Cars: want one. hihi.
10. Movie: Sleepless in Seattle. Till now di pa din natutuloy ang panunuod ng dvd with fam. dami aberya. haha.
11. Halloween: ooohhhh..
12. Sex: escapades around me. O.o
13. Religion: Catholic. Now and always. =)
14. Hate: sleepless nights and headaches. -.-
15. Fear: the bleak tomorrow. W.w
16. Marriage: precious and sacred.
17. Blondes: um, their blonde?
18. Slippers: comfy! ;p
19. Shoes: heels..haha. courtesy of my ojtmates. bleh!
20. Asians: i can identify with. hihi.
21. Past time: reading, net, sleeping, eating...haha.
22. One night stand: what?!
23. My Cell Phone: practically practical.
24. Smoke: cough, cough...don't come near...
25. Fantasy: foodlandia...?
26. College: the thesis hurdle. wahk!
27. Highschool Life: few but precious memories..
28. Pajamas: sleepy me. -.-Zzz...
29. Stars: hope.
30. Fitness Center: i might need it some time..but hopefully not.haha.
31. Alcohol: scared to be intoxicated.
32. The word love: smiles.
33. Friends: laughtrip. =)
34. Money: necessity..-.-
35. Heartache: hurts..
36. Time: grasping.
37. Divorce: sad.
38. Dogs: cute.
39. Undies: hmmmm..supposed to be concealed.
40. Parents: gratitude..
41. Babies: kawaii!
42. Ex: wala ko nun.
43. Song: lalalalala...
44. Color: white, blue and red.
45. Weddings: magical.
46. Pizza: sbarro...white.yum.
47. Hangout: uste.lib,thesismate's condo.
48. Restaurant: Napoli's.
49. Goal: case reportssssss... thesis paper and defense.
50. Inspiration: family..and God.~.~

*seems unlikely for me to post something like this. guess i just needed a breather. thesis makes me go crazy right now. haha.