Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A moment to reflect...

It's funny how in a span of only 13 days, you feel as though your life has suddenly turned upside-down. All the things you once believed to be true is snatched away from you, taken and never ever returned. How would you feel upon waking up one day and seeing that you are in a completely new world, with new faces and a new you? What is past cannot be remembered and what is present too bizarre to grasp. Would you feel happy to start over again and bury your treasury of past regrets? Or would you cry in anguish because the dreams you've made true has now been erased from time immemorial?

Well, what I'm getting at is... Can you proudly say in your life today that you have actually accomplished something? That you have something you can be proud of? Or are you still slumping in your seat, too lazy to get up? Or are you driving yourself to insanity moving in circles...not knowing which direction to take next?

We aren't gettinng younger by the minute.

The moment we breath in life into this world is also the moment that our life slowly ends... bit by bit... second by second...

I don't think I have already done something to be proud of. It's like I'm using time to create more chaos than peace. It's a struggle. It will always be. But I'm not losing hope. These things I'm facing right now are there to make me stronger. Aja! Live. Laugh. Love. :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happenings... happenings...

Latest and recent upadates about my life:

- I lost my cellphone. Or rather got it snatched. Or maybe it fell out of my pocket. I am actually not sure. I know, stupid me. It was two weeks ago. (august 31-last day of the month). I was having a miserable day because of the following reasons: 1. I had my monthly period semi-unexpectedly. It was supposed to be long over. But no. It was insistent to be out of my system. I had a drop of tagos in perfectly white uniform. Plus I was experiencing the sumpong syndrome. That undeniable extreme irritable state. And yet I kept denying. 2. I left my semi-finished project at home which was due the next day. Actually I left the finished draft that I was only suppose to transfer. I was going to finish it in the library so that I could still be able to attend the prayer meeting and yet I left it. Hay! 3. My GTEC wasn't working. It was the pen I was going to use for the project. 4. I decided to skip the prayer meeting and go home early. I was looking forward to it since it happens only once a week for our cluster. 5. I am feeling totally miserable and out of myself. 6. I lost my phone because I was too depressed to notice anything.

- Last Tuesday, I fell out of the teachers desk in front of the whole class. Haha. What an embarassing moment. Me and my peers were gathered round the teacher's desk and I and another friend was sitting on the desk. When suddenly the door opened and our professor and the adjudicator for the class debate came in and my friends and I panicked. The other one sitting on the desk hopped off and took the whole table with her including me. I literally flew out of the air and fell with a thud in the floor. Result is a flat butt. Hehe. Nakakahiya! I looked like a child daw with matching doll shoes. Haha.

- Right now, I'm drowned by the pile of work that needs to be done. > I don't know where to start! I am not at all gifted with creativity. I get lost when asked for ideas. Kahit katiting wala pag kailangan mo. Hay! Need to have a topic for a speech para sa oral communications class. Preparing myself for the humiliation. And also a public speaker to be evaluated. Have to transfer the datas of our experiments in our logbook. Need to write a paper about the movie "Les Miserables" I know it's really not that much. But I just can't seem to start. Oh well, have to do it. Aja! Go go go!!! :)