Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pocahontas Skin, Industrial Practicum, Summer Alone, Bloated Figure and Many More

If you have seen me this April, you probably will be joining the others in teasing me as I've become Pocahontas skinned?/Negra so to say... Huhuhu... I want my fairer skin back... I know I wasn't that fair to start with but still... But despite this darker complexion I would have to endure in the following months, the experience I had that resulted to this dilemma will never compare. It was worth it! My first ever ILC was a blast, I learned a lot and stand in awe of all the people who simply live to love the Lord... It is a struggle to do so, but it is the only way to live... Pocahontas skin, nah, this is TATAK KRISTO!!!:)

Started my Industrial practicum already since last April 14. I will be ending soon, probably by next week unless I'll have to extend. It's been fun and definitely a learning experience. I'm still not totally at ease with the industrial set up, but I'm not closing any doors. I've already finished the project given to me and hopefully (keep your fingers crossed!) it will turn out fine, so far comments have been on the positive. I have made friends with my colleagues. They are one kwela bunch, although there are still the serious ones which is quite fine. I'll miss them when I end my practicum...:)

Summer alone, not absolutely but I have this cousin/bestfriend who left me... hehe. Well, she left for the States because of her visa and I've been missing her since. Hope you're doin fine oput there... Ayan, nagpost na ko para may mabasa ka and to keep you updated na rin... It won't be the same without you here... for good. Hay, don't want to think about it for the moment but with your things being moved already, the reality of it has started to struck me... I'm missing you already and I know I'll be missing you even more... :(

I've been gaining and gaining and gaining some more weight... so many food around... they are haunting me and they won't let me be... it's their fault, I swear! huhuhu... I can't afford to gain more...ha! The girly syndrome/weight consciousness to the nth level has strike again... Can't help it, it's in the hormones....hehe. I'm glad the celebrations are over (Achie/Ditse birthday bash), so that I can start with my pretend diet!haha!...

The summer has so far been a whirlwind of events, so many things happening at the same time and not happening at the same time, get me? Oh, don't bother anymore... Chiao!:)

Monday, April 07, 2008

love ilc

Change/Growth: The process by which my inside begins to match my outside.

Just got back yesterday from our yfc conference: tatak-kristo, 2008 ilc.

Love one another as I have loved you.

Somehow the whole experience felt surreal. It's like I'm in another dimension and all things happening around me can happen only in dreams.

Now that I'm back to reality, well, it really is quite hard.

Trials, challenges and temptations are so near.

Lord, I really need your help in all of this.

How I wish I'll be able to leave the past behind and start anew.

But like what I have realized, truly one can never have control over ones' life, it is only God who has that power, all I need to do is surrender everything to Him.

I need to put up with the battle and I need to be strong.

Tatak-Kristo! Need to keep that in mind.

Love you Lord!:)

Nga pala, for those who will be seeing me... negra na ko... haha, sunburned to the highest level..all for God!:)