Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let it Out in Ten

1. I don't want to admit that I'm kinda having a hard time right now. 

2. It sucks that I can't talk to you without you getting mad. -What's the matter with you? Your PMS phase should have a break.

3. I should definitely be sleeping right now than doing this.

4. Or I should be doing tons of other stuff that I really should be doing instead of this. Crap.

5. Children are so soooo cute. =)

6. Winnie the pooh is not for boys.

-One mother asked her daughter what gift wrapper design she'd like. The daughter adorably answered: Winnie the pooh! =) Mother replied: Ano ka ba? Panlalaki yun eh! (What are you? That's for boys!) 

-What the heck? Since when did winnie the pooh become stereotyped as a boy's cartoon character?

7. I want ice cream. and the twisted series. and... tons of other stuff... (redundancy is a sickness)

8. Bad me. Really bad me.

9. I'm confused. Uber confused.

10. Sigh!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i apologize. it's just that...

i'm too afraid to let you go.

i felt betrayed you didn't let me know.

i'm ashamed to have trusted you.

i wonder what other lies you have with you.

right now, i can't bear to look you in the eye,

and see that you are not the same person i thought you were.

it's too sad that i put such esteem and faith in you.

yet, all along you played me with your innocent smile.

i can't believe you anymore.

mark this day.

i never thought this day would come.

i was too foolish and naive to admit it would.

eventually, it would.

just as the rain continue to pour without my heed.

just as the clock continue to tick with every second.

just as the sun continue to shine without my command.

just as the tears continue to fall with every heartache.

just as tomorrow contnues to come without hesitation.

some things you never can stop.

no matter how hard you try.

it would happen.

and sadly, it has.