Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let it Out in Ten

1. I don't want to admit that I'm kinda having a hard time right now. 

2. It sucks that I can't talk to you without you getting mad. -What's the matter with you? Your PMS phase should have a break.

3. I should definitely be sleeping right now than doing this.

4. Or I should be doing tons of other stuff that I really should be doing instead of this. Crap.

5. Children are so soooo cute. =)

6. Winnie the pooh is not for boys.

-One mother asked her daughter what gift wrapper design she'd like. The daughter adorably answered: Winnie the pooh! =) Mother replied: Ano ka ba? Panlalaki yun eh! (What are you? That's for boys!) 

-What the heck? Since when did winnie the pooh become stereotyped as a boy's cartoon character?

7. I want ice cream. and the twisted series. and... tons of other stuff... (redundancy is a sickness)

8. Bad me. Really bad me.

9. I'm confused. Uber confused.

10. Sigh!

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