Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hello! Malapit na matapos ang May... hay... this only means na malapit na ang pasukan..(ayaw ko pa rin... hehe...), lapit na rin bday ko...(ayaw ko pa tumanda ulit... hehe...) Actually, okei lang naman, di ko naman mapipigil ang pag-ikot ng mundo. Okei na rin siguro magpasukan para naman madagdagan ang ating kaalaman sa mga bagay-bagay, para ma-reunite na rin with friends at madagdagan ang mga adventures. :) Ang pagtanda ko naman, well, let's just say that i'm still blessed to be alive. I'll just have to be thankful about a lot of blessings that came to me this year. :)

Ano latest sakin? La naman masyado... actually i just finished reading "The Da Vinci Code". Muntik pang hindi kasi hiram lang. Buti naman at natapos ko siya. Hmmm... ano naman ang masasabi ko about the book? Okei lang naman siya... maganda yung pagkakasulat at talagang imaginative si Dan Brown. With regards sa controversy about the church and all... fiction lang naman yun eh. So nothing to worry about! Yung iba naman niyang sinulat talaga namang di kapanipaniwala. Kung baga another mystery story na naman yun. So right now, si Edgar Allan Poe pa rin ang katapat ko... hehe... tagal na kaming nagsasama pero di pa rin kami nagbre-break ang tagal ko matapos yung book niya... old english kasi eh. Pero maganda naman at yung iba morbid at gruesome talaga. :)

Nagkita ult kami ng isa kong high school classmate na umalis at ngayon ay nagbabalik... hindi ko nga masyado nakausap kasi nagulat ata ko masyado. hehe. Nagsusulatan kami at nagwaym ng isa pa ring high school friend na ngayon ay naka-base sa New Zealand. Nakakatuwa pa rin naman siya tulad ng dati. Nagbabalak din kami magkita ng high school friends ko next week... sana matuloy. It's nice to reminisce old memories... :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good/Bad News!

Good News: I passed the screening for the out of town camp of KM... I was really happy to have been accepted because it means that more or less they are wlling to accept me as me... :)

Bad News: I can't go beacuse I have a pile of responsibilities, errands and events to attend to that overlapped with the schedule of the camping trip... Somehow this isn't the right time... Hay!

I'm actually quite surprised that my reaction to this certain happening was somewhat mellowed... maybe because I already knew even from the start that it wouldn't push through... Yes, I'm still sad and disppointed at the thought of not going but hey! what can I do about it but just smile and move on... Sabi nga ni Kim sa PBB: "Wala naman mangyayari kung iiyakan ko yung mga problema ko, kaya nakangiti na lang ako palagi". I still have to wait another year... but it's worth the wait... maybe this isn't really the right time... maybe its for the better as of now... I trust in God's plan for me... everything has a reason... Aja! :)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Big Night

Last night... we had a small program... a presentation of all those who took up workshop classes namely basic acting, self defense, street dancing, drawing, voice lessons, advanced guitar and the best ever basic guitar! hehe... Syempre dun ako kasama eh. Masaya yung feeling na natapos namin siya na maayos... na halos lahat kami naging bonded na rin somehow... sobra ko silang mamimiss... this is one experience I'll never forget! Kahit papano it's an achievement kasi anisip ko na rin magdrop eh... pero masaya ako na di ako tumigil, na hindi ako nag-give up! aja! :)

Sayang nga lang di ko napanuod PBB... hehe... pero okei lang it was worth it... naevict nga pala si Fred and Joaqui... hay... pakonti na sila ng pakonti... ay oo nga pala ang galing ni Brenda umarte... napaniwala talaga niya ko na psychic siya! Hay! The best talaga PBB!! :)

Happy Mother's Day pala sa lahat ng mommys out there! I'm really so thankful sa mama ko. Masaya din ako kasi kahit papano okei na naman kami. Siguro minsan di maiiwasan ang mga away pero part na rin talaga siya. Wala namang perfect. Tanggap ko na yun. Sometimes we just have to compromise. Happy me! Love You Mommy! Mwah! :)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What to do?

Nothing seems to be going right for me these days... I can't find my place anywhere... Everything seems complicated... the simplest things can turn to be the most complex... the tiniest to be the biggest... hay! What can I do? Well, maybe I just have to relax my mind for a while and take action... I'm going insane by the minute and nobody's here to stop me... Can life get any crazier than this! Maybe... Okey forgive me for exaggerating a bit ... I'll now stop myself and leave you guys to whatever you were doing before you read this! Hay! Bye!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Realizing the hard way...

I've been praying and asking Him for guidance in opening my heart and mind... so that I would finally be able to realize the value of the people I love... Yes, I know the facts, I know that my mom is doing everything for us, that all the things she is doing is for our good, I know how hard she works day in and day out just to put food on our table... and to be able to give us our needs, I know how sad she gets when things aren't in their proper order, I know that she hates mess, I know that she loves us so much that she will do anything for us, I know and yet it hurts so much... because I can't explain why inspite of all this, I still feel pain, hurt, anger... towards her... when all she thinks about is "us". I keep repeating it to myself that I should understand her.. no questions asked... and yet I don't... and yet I can't. Now, finally my prayers are answered but then does it always have to be the hard way... I'm now faced with reality... finally I have stumbled upon the truth... and I'm finding it hard to stand back up. But I will... I have to...

Still I thank God for all this...I thank God for answering my prayer... I just hope it's not too late... I know that hurt and sadness has been caused... many tears have been shed, laughters turning into tears... But I know that we will come through... Aja! God Bless to all! :)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The PBB fanatic... back on track...

What have I been doin' nowadays? Hmmm... except eat and sleep... I'm watching all the PBB shows... from the 11am clips sa kabarkada channel, to the 6:30pm show of Asia Agcaoili to the Official Primetime Bida show after TV Patrol... and if possible the super early morning show of Bianca Gonzales... hehe... i'm really a PBB fanatic... it's all I watch on television nowadays... But I haven't come to the point of texting comments and voting my favorite housemate... don't worry I don't think that time will come.

Hmmm... so what's with the show? I guess I watch it because everything just seems so natural, I'm interested in watching people and in understanding other people's lives (maybe that's why I took up Psychology in the first place), it's just fun to watch because now and then you can relate to them eventhough you don't know them personally... through the show you feel as though you do-partly. And I'm a kapamilya at heart. Hehe... walang kokontra. And this edition is quite interesting... it's like seeing yourself on tv... sometimes asking yourself... is that how i am? Hay! Are teens really that "pasaway"? Hehe... I even heard my mom say that "I really have to watch this show, so that I could understand you and your sisters more!" Interesting... Hehe...

So I'll just continue with this phase of watching reality tv shows... Farewell! :)