Thursday, May 04, 2006

The PBB fanatic... back on track...

What have I been doin' nowadays? Hmmm... except eat and sleep... I'm watching all the PBB shows... from the 11am clips sa kabarkada channel, to the 6:30pm show of Asia Agcaoili to the Official Primetime Bida show after TV Patrol... and if possible the super early morning show of Bianca Gonzales... hehe... i'm really a PBB fanatic... it's all I watch on television nowadays... But I haven't come to the point of texting comments and voting my favorite housemate... don't worry I don't think that time will come.

Hmmm... so what's with the show? I guess I watch it because everything just seems so natural, I'm interested in watching people and in understanding other people's lives (maybe that's why I took up Psychology in the first place), it's just fun to watch because now and then you can relate to them eventhough you don't know them personally... through the show you feel as though you do-partly. And I'm a kapamilya at heart. Hehe... walang kokontra. And this edition is quite interesting... it's like seeing yourself on tv... sometimes asking yourself... is that how i am? Hay! Are teens really that "pasaway"? Hehe... I even heard my mom say that "I really have to watch this show, so that I could understand you and your sisters more!" Interesting... Hehe...

So I'll just continue with this phase of watching reality tv shows... Farewell! :)

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