Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good/Bad News!

Good News: I passed the screening for the out of town camp of KM... I was really happy to have been accepted because it means that more or less they are wlling to accept me as me... :)

Bad News: I can't go beacuse I have a pile of responsibilities, errands and events to attend to that overlapped with the schedule of the camping trip... Somehow this isn't the right time... Hay!

I'm actually quite surprised that my reaction to this certain happening was somewhat mellowed... maybe because I already knew even from the start that it wouldn't push through... Yes, I'm still sad and disppointed at the thought of not going but hey! what can I do about it but just smile and move on... Sabi nga ni Kim sa PBB: "Wala naman mangyayari kung iiyakan ko yung mga problema ko, kaya nakangiti na lang ako palagi". I still have to wait another year... but it's worth the wait... maybe this isn't really the right time... maybe its for the better as of now... I trust in God's plan for me... everything has a reason... Aja! :)

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