Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

God is loving and merciful!

Why is God so unfair?

Why does He allow these bad things to happen to us?

Why do evil people go unpunished?

These and many other questions have been in existence, even I myself have often wondered what the answers are. While reading the Bible last night, I came upon this verse that I guess would come close to answering these “why’s”?

Not that you were without power to have the wicked vanquished… But condemning them bit by bit, you gave them space for repentance. (Wisdom 12:9-10)

How amazing is that? God can punish us with every sin or mistake we do, He can but He chooses not to. It may seem at times that people who don’t even deserve it get off the hook, but in actuality, not one of us is really worthy. Each one of us is sinful, each one of us deserves to be punished for the many sins we have committed but God does not do it. He loves you! Yes, you!

He still has this hope within Him that we can still repent and change. He simply hopes that we ask for forgiveness, that’s it. In God’s eyes, even if you may be a murderer or a thief, or you cheat other people or can’t control the urge to say bad words, you may still change, it’s never too late! He welcomes you with open arms. He will even grant you the grace to be able to do it. So, look up you are never alone, He hasn’t forgotten you, it’s just that He loves us all equally.

God truly is and simply is awesome!

Let’s not waste that love. Let’s return that love and do our best by showing that we value it.:)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

back to the "dark room" with the window now open

Constructive Criticism? I don't think so... but I guess I could take it as one. It caught me off
guard, hearing the words said out loud. "Lalo na ito, talagang wala." or something that goes like that, referring to my non-existent talent. Do you really have to rub it in? It already hurts as it is. It again got me back to the "dark room."

That place where I once was, where all the insecurities and negative energy were locked up.
I'll admit it, it got me nowhere...  And just when I'm already better off, here it is
again presenting itself to haunt me.

It is quite frustrating to answer questions and fill out application forms asking you what your talents are or asking you to indicate your skills. Unlike many people who can confidently say that they
 can sing, dance, paint or whatever. I don't actually belong to any of those. I still am seeking... I believe that God has 
something in store for me. Maybe I'm just too blinded to actually see it or may I'm just trying too hard to 
search for it. 

I'm sure many of us are still in the searching zone. Keep that spark in 
you alive. Just as long as you are doing your best in whatever you're in, 
I guess that in itself is talent enough. We should actually be more thankful, 
we're unique! (or is that just another excuse, just joking)

Thanks to that not so pleasant encounter, it reminds me to strive even 
harder. Not so that I could please them,but so that I could make something 
worthwhile out of my life and give it back as gift to God.:)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The heat and the temper rises

found out that i'm really a moody person. easily irritated. it shows. from the observation of one of my constant companion. hay. really have to control my temper. the flushed look in my face is undeniable. oh well. i just can't help it especially when trapped in a situation when my emotions are gradually rising and tensing up. to defend myself. i have to say this does not only happen when i am annoyed but also when embarrassed and put in the spot. hmmm. is it so bad? i'm only human anyway. :(

i'm just blessed to have patient friends. and not so patient sisters. haha. whom i love all the same.:)