Friday, July 17, 2009

1. When I tell you... or tell myself: I'll take a 5 minute nap. Don't believe me, that means I'm good as gone for the night. Seriously. It' a newfound talent, aside from the one where I can sleep through a movie in the moviehouse. 

2. I had an encounter with the other side. (Clearly heard the screeching of one of the heavy wooden chairs on cemented floor at the office before leaving last night. Confirmed by my officemate so it cannot be blamed on drunken tiredness. It is creepy, I tell you.)

3. What makes me happy? It's the ultimate question I have a hard time answering right now.

4. My indecisiveness is driving me nuts. It's as evident now as ever. And it sucks bigtime.

5. I'm turning into a certified anti-social. I'm sorry my dear friends... I can't get myself in the mood to keep in touch. What the...? You tell me, what is wrong with me? Argh!

6. I'd like to stay in my personal bubble for a week. This freak me out.

7. Some parents are just so hard to converse with. They use all their inherent power to intimidate you. And I cringe and hold my breath before dialing the number. Although, some are plain nice. There are still exceptions to keep me sane, thank goodness.

8. Kids. Children. Love. =)

9. I've decided to bum around for the day. Sue me but I'm sticking to the plan. Haha. =p

10. I have certain fixations and phases which I would not go about explaining because you probably wouldn't understand anyway. Last one is in plastic covering all my books, it lessens my stress level. Weird, I know.


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