Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happenings... happenings...

Latest and recent upadates about my life:

- I lost my cellphone. Or rather got it snatched. Or maybe it fell out of my pocket. I am actually not sure. I know, stupid me. It was two weeks ago. (august 31-last day of the month). I was having a miserable day because of the following reasons: 1. I had my monthly period semi-unexpectedly. It was supposed to be long over. But no. It was insistent to be out of my system. I had a drop of tagos in perfectly white uniform. Plus I was experiencing the sumpong syndrome. That undeniable extreme irritable state. And yet I kept denying. 2. I left my semi-finished project at home which was due the next day. Actually I left the finished draft that I was only suppose to transfer. I was going to finish it in the library so that I could still be able to attend the prayer meeting and yet I left it. Hay! 3. My GTEC wasn't working. It was the pen I was going to use for the project. 4. I decided to skip the prayer meeting and go home early. I was looking forward to it since it happens only once a week for our cluster. 5. I am feeling totally miserable and out of myself. 6. I lost my phone because I was too depressed to notice anything.

- Last Tuesday, I fell out of the teachers desk in front of the whole class. Haha. What an embarassing moment. Me and my peers were gathered round the teacher's desk and I and another friend was sitting on the desk. When suddenly the door opened and our professor and the adjudicator for the class debate came in and my friends and I panicked. The other one sitting on the desk hopped off and took the whole table with her including me. I literally flew out of the air and fell with a thud in the floor. Result is a flat butt. Hehe. Nakakahiya! I looked like a child daw with matching doll shoes. Haha.

- Right now, I'm drowned by the pile of work that needs to be done. > I don't know where to start! I am not at all gifted with creativity. I get lost when asked for ideas. Kahit katiting wala pag kailangan mo. Hay! Need to have a topic for a speech para sa oral communications class. Preparing myself for the humiliation. And also a public speaker to be evaluated. Have to transfer the datas of our experiments in our logbook. Need to write a paper about the movie "Les Miserables" I know it's really not that much. But I just can't seem to start. Oh well, have to do it. Aja! Go go go!!! :)

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