Wednesday, February 04, 2009


time. precious. irretrievable.

something i realized just a few days ago.

it may seem an elementary philosophy that everyone knows, but truly we take it for granted a bit too much.

i just realized that there are many important things that i should do justice by treating them as such. most of the time, i get out of hand and am out of my senses.

most of the time, i hurt people and pass out opportunities. most of the time, things don't work out well and instead of stopping it at that and standing back up again, i prolong the agony and make things worse. but i resolve to do better and struggle a bit more. kambatte! >.<

*just. now.

just another day.
just another time.
just another second.

just, now.

if things be, i'll hold your hand a little longer.
hug you a little tighter.
laugh a little louder.

just, now.

let me say it's okay.
let me say your right.
let me say i'm sorry straight from my heart.

just, now.

i want to let things be.
forget all the evil.
and smile the tears away.

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