Thursday, July 06, 2006

Academic Year 2006-2007

The school year has already started. It has been over a month already. I am starting to explore a lot of things. I am trying to find my passion. I have signed up for 4 organizations... and 1 more that is still pending (pray for me guys I hope that I will be accepted although I'm not expecting much). Hay, life! I hope this school year would be a lot better in terms of academic performance. Have to stop being lazy. And I hope that I would be more active in my extra curricular activities and also during class discussions(have to speak your mind!). Well, it seems that I have a lot of improvements to make... aja!

Life would always have problems and I have to learn to live with it. That doesn't mean I should ignore it but rather I should find solutions for it! It will not always go the you you want it to go. You don't have control over other people's actions but don't forget you have control over yours!:)

God Bless!

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