Sunday, January 28, 2007

How am I doin'?

What's the state of my heart? In all aspects...

First of all, I've missed blogging and surfing the net. Hehe. It's been quite a while. What with so many things to do left and right? But it's alright because I can actually say right now that I'm quite happy and satisfied.:)

Family. Hmmm... We're okei!:) We still have that spice of having arguments now and then. Catfights. Hehe. But in the end, we still kiss and make up. I actually observed that we haven't been arguing as much unlike before. Maybe we all are growing more maturely.:) All I know is that I love them much much. I may not openly express it most of the time... but I really do love them!:) I LOVE YOU papa, mama, achie, ditse and siobe!... I'd like to take this moment to say a BIG THANK YOU for everything and a SINCERE SORRY for all the headaches I might've caused. I promise to be better in all respects... it may not happen overnight but surely I'll strive hard.:) Aja!:)

Academics. Fairly well. I haven't been able to give my vey best. It's like I don't have the drive, the motivation I need to use the fullest of my potentials. It's actually very frustrating. Almost all my subjects are okei except that of Chemistry! Even my test paper has gone to outer space... (hopefully our professor was able to find it.) This last remaining part of the second semester, may we all do well!:)

Friends. I'm having more of them...:) I'm happy cause I have someone to keep me company. I have them to love and care for. Although I can't seem to be able to confide in them. Some things may really be better if left unsaid. But I'm super thankful to all of them (you know who you are) especially for all the smiles they bring to my life.:)

Love LIfe. Don't worry I don't have any "special someone." But I have a lot of love surrounding me.:) Sometimes I am left thinking if I'm meant for married life. Haha. Ang aga pa alam ko. But then I can't help but think of the plan God has for my life. Well, I trust Him... I trust His will. Basta right now, I'm happy.:)

Service. I'm happy to finally be coming out of my shell for Him. I still hesitate most of the time but I'm glad cause I don't close myself anymore as I have before. I put my trust in Him and He has never let me down. I'm so blessed to have the privilege of knowing Him more and more each day. I marvel at His greatness and I grow in love with Him more and more each day.:) By the way, I just turned ONE today... One year as a YFC-UST member!:) Yey! I feel super happy and blessed. Looking back it has been a long journey and I don't plan on ending it any time soon. Happy happy.:)

Adios amigas!:) God Bless! Stay happy! Smile smile!:)

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