Monday, December 12, 2011

One Year.

Tomorrow is already my Dad's first year death anniversary.

Come to think of it, it's been a year already and yet the pain never seem to go away.

If moving on means being able to smile and laugh, being able to go through the daily grind, being able to face whatever challenges the day brings; then yes, I can say that I've moved on, we've moved on.

But just like in any relationship, there continues to be residues from the past. No matter the sweetness or the bitterness of it all, memories remain. I've got mixed emotions when the past flashes back. It's like you want to hold on to the memories despite the pain yet you know you have to slowly let go of the memories to let the pain be eased. I hope that in time, I can learn to hold on to memories of him without that much pain.

There are days when the reality of the situation fail to hit me. It's like he's just on a long vacation or a long business trip; I can't see him yet I know he's there.

I can't see him yet I know he's there.
Indeed he's on a long vacation, up there in paradise.

I don't want him to see us sad. I don't want to worry him any longer. I'll end this post with a :), hoping that this :) carries on to our hearts.

We're okay cause you're okay now, right? :)

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