Monday, October 16, 2006

Sembreak na! Alas!

The long awaited break is finally here- 3 weeks of who knows what! It seems that it is a pretty long relaxation period in preparation for another term of hardship in the hands of multiple professors! The mere thought of what is to come gives me the chills. But for now -the problem at hand is what results will the blood and sweat we have put through (okei i exaggerated just a little... hehe) to get pass this semester yield... we just have to sit still and wait. Hopefully all of us will pass the semester. :)

Now...? What have I been doing for the first few days of the sembreak? It's basically the same thing- watching (tv, koreanovelas-Love Story in Harvard, movies or whatever is it that seems interesting), washing the dishes (we will soon get married those plates and I-watch out for the invitations my friends), reading books (got to catch up with my reading), sleeping (the soft pillows...hmmm...) and of course! eating! hehe. I hope to add something much more productive on those list.

That's all for now guys! Enjoy your sembreak amigas! Godbless!:)

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