Saturday, September 01, 2007

Exams week = Pure torture

Hours and hours of pointless reviewing (not like I spend that much time), sleepless nights, endless headaches, dizziness, blank expression, fatigue... symptoms of a student during examinations.
Haaay... I really don't like undergoing the agony of "exams week!" Well, it has long been over. A week has passed and now it continues to haunt me. My exam results aren't worth talking about, let alone mention. I have realized that I'm no good at answering multiple choice type questions... we just don't click. Whoever said that the first guess that comes to mind will usually be the correct answer... it didn't work for me. Instead of becoming all bitter about it, I'll just have to work doubly hard in the remaining days ar the semester... or else doom is waiting just around the corner. I know I'm talking in circles. So I guess I'd have to stop. Ciao!

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