Thursday, September 06, 2007

On the mission

“One of the major dilemmas we face both as individuals and as a society is simplistic thinking — or failure to think at all." -Psychotherapist Scott Peck

Most of time, we resort to going with the flow. It's much easier that way... hassle free and worry free. What with the technology we have right now, anything goes with just a click of a button. All the information you might need can readily be available to you in a matter of seconds. Studies and researches 
have been made on just about every topic or issue. It appears that there 
seems to be no need for thinking. 

The world can go on spinning without us. 
But this is where we are all wrong.

God created us with a heart and a mind of our own. He did not do this without reason. He made us
for a specific mission and purpose. To be able to fulfill this mission would be no easy task. We can easily be swallowed by what is happening around us. We might lose our way on the path which was meant for us. If we don't take action, if we don't do anything with what  was given us... nothing will become of us. 

The picture: us coming and leaving the same, with no 
contribution and with no realization, like the wind passing by, not leaving a trace of its presence.

I wouldn't want that happening. Would you?
God would have expected something of his creation: us, you and me.
Let's not waste the blessings he keeps on showering upon us.

Let's start thinking right and let's start acting right.:)

Good day!:) God Bless you!:)

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