Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hearts Day '08

Hearts Day = Valentines Day!

This year's Valentine felt quit ordinary compared to previous years... as if I ever expected 
for something out of the ordinary to happen. Hehe. Maybe it was also due to the fact that I
was quite busy that day... but this year's "hearts day" so to speak, made me realize things that
are more important. Things I should be putting more value at this point in my life. Before I
admit to envying and longing also for a special someone to profess their love for me... (sounds cheesy, mushy and corny...haha... pero kaya nga fantasy lang...), but Valentines is not all about
that kind of love alone. Love may come in different shapes and sizes... in friendships (thank you
for a Valentine night spent with you...had a lot of fun, missed you a lot! Appreciated the effort you put through just to show you care, sensya I wasn't able to put the same effort.); in ones family (Unconditional love! That's how much our family value us, although they might not openly say it, actions undeniably shout it out to us! Hope you guys felt the love I feel for you from that small token of sweetness... Hehe.); in our Savior who died just to save us (The prayer meeting 
made me realize just how much God loves me, and that no matter what He will always be there
for you and me. He loved me first and He loved me still despite. Isn't that simply amazing?!) :)

Love is definitely in the air. It's all around us. We just have to be sensitive enough to widen
our hearts and receive the love unselfishly given to us! Kaya what are you waiting for? Love, love and love even more! Hehe. Kilig, kilig! :)

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