Monday, May 26, 2008

Random Thoughts while on the Road

Number One: What's with truck drivers, istambays on the sidewalk, security guard posts...?
- They keep bugging you with their speeches of "Hey, Miss!; Ganda, kumusta?; Good Morning Beautiful?" and all the other nonsense talk just to get your attention. I'm no fool and I'm no beauty as well. It just gets so annoying sometimes not to add a bit creepy! Hay, maybe they are just plain bored with their life. I wish that they get to think of another past time and quick.

Number Two: What if before you say "Yes" or an "I Do" to the love of your life, you reveal all the nasty things about yourself, all the skeleton in your closet, will he still stay and accept you?
- One of my wild imaginations got me thinking this. Pretty weird I know but it's like a test you know so that he/she does not go off running from you when the going gets tough or when things may not seem to be as perfect. It's also a nice plot to a novel. The title may be "100 Things You Didn't Know About Me"; "Love Me or Hate Me?"; "The Truth About Eve/Adam." Hehehe...

Number Three: Poetry, my love for poetry, where did it go?
- I though about getting back to my writing poems again, but it seems that the spirit of creativity has left me completely. I just don't seem to put two and two together, it's like it's all wrong. I hope one day I get struck by the lightning of creativity and be able to write again. I miss the feeling of being able to let out your feelings in a string of beautiful words. I'm not saying my works before were any good but at least I was able to proudly say that I've written quite a few pieces even if it's for my personal purposes alone. I summon you, common strike me now! Hehe.

*I'm pretty bold now to be able to write things like this. I don't know. It's like I'm just full inside and letting out some of my random thoughts would help lighten my load a bit. Stay with me, even if I'm a little wacko. Haha. ~.~

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  1. Sher, that's not weird... Try my blog. Now, that's out of this world