Saturday, May 24, 2008

Summer's almost over.. still the SUN shines brighter!.

My 2008 Summer was I would say a mix of adventures.

*I had experienced my first taste of the real workplace which was not bad at all.

*Got to mingle with new people.

*Attended an aerobics class other than PE... which was not at all far from it. Haha.

*I was able to go out of town without my biological family, but with my YFC family (Tagaytay lang naman...hehe...).

*I was able to take a bath in an improvished shower area, haha... with *****. Haha.

*Got sunburned.

*Shouted out my heart to the heavens.

*Cried my heart out with some sad asian movies and dramas.

*Thought about life more.

*And even more.

*Prayed a lot.

*And prayed a little.

*Ate to my heart's desire.

*Gained weight fast...huhu...1** pounds as of the moment.

*Missed some of the old times.

*Cried a little over some of the usual things.

*Met up with old buddies.

*Got back to reading a few good titles.

*Love the sensation of melting ice cream even more. Hehe.

*Got addicted to a few new and old things. But rethinking it over and over.

*Learned that some things are harder to let go than other things.

*And that it is easier to let go when you do not think about what you are letting go of.

*Matured a little. I think... I hope so. Hehe.

*Hope for a brighter tomorrow. Sunny sunny sunny...even in the midst of the rainy season...

And so, I leave you with these words. Life is indeed beautiful, in whatever angle, even if it sometimes hurts, still its beauty is undeniable. ~.~

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