Friday, November 07, 2008

the beauty in loneliness

It's ironic, how most of the time the very thing that causes us pain is the very thing we keep longing for.

I wonder why most people enjoy watching dramas that make them end up crying with puffy eyes, why most people are attracted to sad love songs that let them relive the painful memories of the past, why most people wallow in their pain, in their sorrow and chooses to be so until they can no longer hold themselves together...

What is there in pain? What is there in loneliness?

I wonder if the very essence of pain is to let us appreciate happiness more. If by being lonely we realize that we are not alone after all. If having our visions blurred by tears, we see more clearly the very things we have overlooked many many times.

I wonder and I'll keep wondering the beauty and the comfort loneliness brings. To me. And maybe to a thousand other people.

So for now, I'll still keep searching for good dramas that will keep the tears flowing, I'll keep listening to sad love songs that stir my heart a couple too many times, I'll keep seeking for pain, for sorrow...

And I'll keep smiling through the tears...

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