Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chance Glance

Walking along paved roads
in solitary mode, drowned by
the sudden crowd amidst the
milky air, I scanned every face I
encountered to no avail since
eyes were downcast, keeping to
themselves their untold
secrets, just when I started
giving up, I chanced upon your
hazel eyes, it lingered a second
or two longer-like a heartbeat...
without hestitation, and then I felt that
in the vastness of the universe, my
solitariness broke its routinary
mode, the rhythmic cycle halted
for a second
or two
thanks to you.
-04.14.09 (10:47am)

*kanina habang nagaantay matawag for testing. nag-adik at sumulat ng tula.

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