Saturday, April 22, 2006

Am I really a Frustrated Angel???

Well, I think I've been a goody two shoes my entire life... I really don't know why... there maybe a couple of reasons behind this... maybe because I like to please others... maybe because I feel a certain tingy feeling whenever I do a good deed... maybe because I'm really evil inside and just want to get attention.... maybe that's my mission in life... maybe I can't help but follow the hidden code of morality... whatever! I just do it... and i know for a fact that i'm not harming anybody... maybe i do it out of the goodness of my heart... who knows? Only God knows, even I don't really know.

Yesterday, I did something that I've wanted to do eversince... as i was about to cross the highay I was approached by one little kid beggar... asking for alms, at first i told him i don't really have any money although i was holding two 10 peso coins in my hand that i wpould be using to buy myself junk food- i'm a junk food addict by the way (which was more or less the truth and besides i really don't approve of giving money to beggars). I already crossed the street and was already inside the store when something came over me and i got out, looked for the child and asked him to come. He came to me and asked him if he would like for me to buy him something to eat, in particular a donut, he nodded yes! So I told him to come with me inside the store and choose what donut he liked to eat... he chose a donut with a strawberry filing on top...while i went to the counter to ask for assistance, i left him beside the donut stand, when i cae back, he was being shooed away by one of the saleslady (she was sort of shouting!)... i quickly told the girl that the kid was with me... then of course the girl just laughed. The moment I bought the donut, I gave it to the kid and he immediately went out. As i was on my way out people were already staring... I wasn't able to ask his name or anything else, much less talk to him. All i could remember was he was a little angel... he was an innocent-naive little angel wearing a red sando with holes in it and just having hope in his eyes... :)

I'm just happy to finally have the courage to do something without being ashamed on what other people might say... i hope to continue being that way in the a lot of aspects in my life... still here, still living...

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  1. hehehehehe...ur one weird friend i'd say..^.^

    but im glad that i met u...not in ur weird side...i can always see ur nice side...