Wednesday, March 18, 2009

About me:

/ice cream lover/occasional bookworm/aspiring poetry writer/wacky unpredictable sister/true blue practicing roman catholic/late bloomer eheads fanatic/budding pupil follower/otaku/escapist adventurer/accidental daydreamer/member of the NBSB club/possible heterophobia/crazy over *** at the moment/dying to have an mp3 or an mp4/ lost her cellphone twice/left without notice by ---/fears weird techno sounds/wouldn't dare watch a horror movie alone/ hardcore sleep goddess/sticker happy/stuck in the puberty stage/attempting to start and have a life/salivates over junk food/can have chicken as her everyday meal/so not into sports/kleptomaniac in her past life/vanity strikes with camera shots/spotted all over/once had a gangztah crush/alcohol drugs and smoke free/can't keep up with 'em/mulling over l.i.f.e./born romantic/amateur at crossing streets and highways/wants to be kissed in the rain someday/has a pair of sandals, a pair of rubber shoes, a pair of leather shoes and a pair of slippers/scared of being caught red handed/corny joker/loves corn/had undergone a minor surgery/fears breast cancer/scared of ronald mcdonald and his relatives/is positive that dora is her sister's look alike/has "inday" as her roommate/has four faithful bestfriends/discovered her microphone phobia during a karaoke session/grew up with paper dolls/loves the stars/soul lost in the clouds of yesterday and tomorrow/"with a smile" is her current lullaby song/

*Format and concept taken from the blog of an acquaintance. Or not so acquaintance. Maybe I forgot to include "sporadic copy cat." or not! lol.

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