Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Internet...

...can make you waste your time tremendously. And that is what it has been doing to me ever since this morning. Hmph. So many applications and other stuff to keep you amused... (Blog/s - hehe, obviously; Social networking sites - facebook, friendster, multiply, plurk, the list goes on and on; Online game sites - neopets, mydivadoll, etc.; Online streaming sites - crunchyroll, mysoju, dramacrazy, youtube and more; Your Email - going through each will take you centuries, literally, and many many other things). No looking at the clock and the next glance and you're in for a shock as to how much time has already passed. That and the fact that I cannot do much walking and moving around. So I'm literally stuck in one place for a period of time. It feels like I'm repeating my woes all over again. Oh men.

So I'm telling myself to stop right now.

As in. NOW.

Zip it!

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