Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am a Thomasian Graduate with Unexpected Blessings!

Just received the best graduation gift!!! Thanks to my pretty sisters!!! 

Hawak ko na ang pinapangarap! Hahaha. Can't take the smile off my face... =)

*The timex paperbag illusion got Didn't really expect it...well, maybe a little. =p Hehe. ~Sighs in happiness. =D ~Wants to give somebody a tight hug even though you are literally milesss away...I owe you one big tight hug! =) ~Uber thanks to my "eat all you can queen" of a sister! You made my day! Enough na nga you garlic rice + chicken barbeque experience..haha. Pero syempre di ko to ~Happy that I am with my family this very special day, kahit kulang na kulang pero sakto pa din! Love you all! =)

*A tad of regret resides in me as each graduate with latin honors is recognized on stage. I could have made it. Could have. I'm sorry for disappointing a few important people. Admittedly even myself. This just moves me to try harder and look at the future with brighter eyes! If not now, there is still tomorrow, so fear not! =) 

*Aside from that, I recall having misty eyes while watching the end of the video presentation (leaving the university through the arc of the century..hayz)... finally, I am a graduate... and as Fr. Tamerlane Lana exclaims.. "What now?" The question that has been bugging since school ended, exclaimed to reality. Lord, help me! ~.~ And so the journey begins...

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